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CQC registration complete

We can proudly announce that after 3 gruelling months of paperwork the practice has been deemed suitable for registration with the Care Qualities Commission.

Registering with the CQC is new for the dental industry and has been a daunting process, however, the practice is very relieved now that the registration process has been completed.

The CQC is the regulator of health and adult social care in England, they make sure that the care that people receive meets essential standards of quality and safety and they encourage ongoing improvements by those who provide care. The system of registration is focused on outcomes rather than systems and processes, and places the views and experiences of people who use services at its centre.

The next step for the practice is take part in a process of continual compliance monitoring. Periodically inspectors will visit the practice to review all available information and intelligence held about the practice.

The compliance inspectors will seek information from patients and public representative groups, and organisations such as other regulators (Denplan, General Dental Council) and the National Patient Safety Agency.

So rest assured we are continually working to promote improvement at Standish Street Dental Practice.

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