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Thank you for your feedback

Standish Street Dental Practice would like to thank all the patients who took the time to fill in one of our feedback forms during February and March this year. Congratulations to David Dean who won the draw for the bottle of wine (see right).

We were keen to encourage our clients to make constructive suggestions of how we can continue to improve the practice and provide the best possible service.

The feedback form consisted of two sections - firstly we asked you to rate us on the services we provide, the surroundings and facilities available, and the care provided by our team, with options of 'poor', 'fair', 'good' and 'excellent'. We are pleased to say that you rated us as follows:

  • Services - 98% excellent, 2% good
  • Environment - 93% excellent, 7% good
  • Team - 98% excellent, 2% good
  • This is clearly a fantastic response, whilst still giving us a small margin to make further improvements!

    Secondly, we asked you to write any suggestions or comments you may have had. Here are some of the remarks we received:

    "Beautiful practice and brilliant staff. Thank you."

    "Keep up the good work!"

    "Always excellent. Many thanks."

    "I cannot think of anything you could do better, thank you so much!!"

    "Always excellent service in a pleasant environment."

    "I appreciate a telephone call as a reminder for appointments but would a text or email be possible to give a little bit more notice?" - We reply: we do offer both text and email reminders which are sent automatically 24hours before your appointment time. This patient has now been signed up for this free service. If you would like to be reminded about your appointments via text or email, please speak to one of our receptionists.

    "I always recommend this practice to anyone who needs help."

    "At 78 years of age I have experienced several dental practices. Chris Wood's practice is the best I have experienced! Keep up the good work."

    "The service could not be better!"

    "Answer phone if needing to cancel a Monday appointment over the weekend" - We reply: We do have an answer machine when the practice is closed. The message is necessarily long as it contains emergency contact numbers and information, but it is possible to leave a recording at the end. If you do have to cancel for a Monday appointment due to unforeseen circumstances over the weekend, please leave a message and we will listen to it first thing on Monday morning. However, we would like to point out that we require a full working days' notice to cancel any appointments without incurring a short notice cancellation charge (except for in extenuating circumstances), which means you would need to let us know before your appointment time on the previous Friday if you want to ensure there will be no charges incurred.

    "Excellent and friendly professional service"

    "Thank you Chris for making the visit and extraction as painless as possible"

    "Friendly team, feel very relaxed from entering and completing dental practice"

    "Always a pleasure to visit even when in pain"

    "Very happy with this practice"

    "Clock in upstairs waiting area" - We reply: we have now installed a clock in the upstairs waiting area.

    Although this particular campaign has now come to an end, we still have feedback forms available throughout the practice and we really value the input of our customers - please let us know your thoughts and ideas!

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