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Cosmetic dentistry full rebuild

What is a rebuild?

A lifetime of unplanned progressive dental treatment can create an inharmonious set of teeth. When restoring the complete smile, what we term a Rebuild, a complete assessment of all dental factors must be taken in to account. This is then related to the patients individual circumstances to provide a durable, functional and aesthetic result.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide all the treatment options and are therefore referred a number of patients from surrounding practices to provide such services.

Case Study

The following patient presented to the practice unhappy with the worn appearance of his front teeth and his partial denture.

Patient Concerns

  • Short teeth
  • Appearance when smiling
  • Spacing of teeth
  • Denture clasps

Treatment Plan

  • Place bridges as a more permanent way of replacing missing teeth
  • Place crowns on remaining teeth to lengthen short teeth and generally improve the uniformity and aesthetics of the smile


  1. Take study models to analyse tooth relationships
  2. Demonstrate the finished look of the crowns and bridges using a wax model
  3. Prepare the teeth for crowns and bridges
  4. Fit the lab constructed crowns and bridges
  5. Hygienist demonstration of cleaning and home care


This patient now has a smile to be proud. Missing teeth have been replaced with permanently fixed bridges; the whole smile has been lightened and balanced with beautiful proportions, a truly great result.


Cosmetic dentistry full rebuild


Cosmetic dentistry full rebuild
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