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Cosmetic rebuild due to tooth erosion

What is tooth wear?

Tooth wear can occur for a variety of reasons. Teeth grinding against each other, exposure to excessive acids and aggressive tooth brushing can all contribute to this.

Teeth become progressively shorter and more fragile. This can lead to sensitivity of the affected teeth as the dentine and nerve become more exposed to the external environment.

Treatment can be as simple as monitoring your condition after managing the cause right through to full mouth rehabilitation in severe cases.

Case Study

The following patient presented to the practice unhappy with the worn appearance of his front teeth

Patient Concerns

  • Short teeth
  • Appearance when smiling
  • Spacing of teeth

Treatment Plan

  • Rebuild the shape and proportion of the teeth using a combination of porcelain bonded crowns and composite tooth coloured filling materials


  1. Take study models to analyse tooth relationships
  2. Demonstrate the finished look of the crowns and bridges using a wax model
  3. prepare the front 4 teeth for bonded crowns and provide composite fillings on canines to compliment the build up.
  4. Fit the lab constructed porcelain bonded crowns and demonstration of home care routine


The teeth in the smile line have been lengthened and reshaped to give a natural balanced tooth shape but proportions of the crowns have been altered to fill the spacing which was present before rehabilitation.


Cosmetic rebuild due to tooth erosion


Cosmetic rebuild due to tooth erosion
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