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Tooth Whitening

What Is It?

Years of staining from virtually everything we eat; drink and inhale can discolour our teeth. Staining occurs on the surface of our teeth, caused by tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco. Staining can also occur within the tooth structure due to dental disease.

This discolouration can be erased in a short space of time by tooth whitening using

  • Opalescence bespoke tray and gel system (Home Whitening)

Case Study

This following patient presented to the practice self conscious of his smile.

Patient Concerns

  • Yellow colouration of teeth

Treatment Plan

  • After discussion it was decided that gradually whitening the teeth using the bespoke home whitening kit would give this gentleman most control over the end shade of his teeth.


  1. Impressions to allow the lab to construct the bespoke trays
  2. Fit the trays and demonstrate the application procedure
    • HOME PROCEDURE, place gel into tray and fit over the teeth. Wear trays for approximately 3 hours then remove and clean.
    • Follow this procedure at regular intervals until the desire shade is achieved.
  3. The dentist reviews the shade achieved and patient satisfaction, continuing the process if necessary


Excellent lightening results have really lifted and refreshed this gentleman's smile. With purchase of further gel syringes the result can be maintained over time or further improved.


Tooth Whitening


Tooth Whitening
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