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Oral Health Education (with child)

What is Oral Health Education?

At Standish Street Dental Practice it involves children visiting our caring, qualified, oral health educator who works in the dedicated children's preventative dental unit.

She will educate children in the importance of good tooth brushing and diet and how they affect the teeth and gums. This advice and intervention at an early age will assist in preventing dental disease in the future and lay down foundations to build good habits and healthy teeth for life.

Case Study

A young lady attended the practice for her routine check-up, upon examination it was evident that there was plaque on her back teeth. After discussion with mum concerns were raised over her tooth brushing regime.

Patient Concerns

  • Mother concerned about her daughters lack of motivation to brush her teeth

Treatment Plan

  • The young lady was referred to see the oral health educator for tooth brushing advice


  1. Current home care routine discussed with parent and child, the teeth were then disclosed using a plaque indicator liquid. Areas of plaque were shown to the patient and a discussion followed regarding the role of plaque in tooth decay. Child friendly visual aids were used throughout to back up the subject matter. The teeth were then cleaned thoroughly by the patient following the guidance given, checked for cleanliness and positive encouragement given by the oral health educator.


Mother and child attended three months after the initial visit for a review appointment with the oral health educator and oral health was very much improved, vastly reducing the risk of dental disease occurring in the future

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