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Smoking cessation

What is smoking cessation?

It is an attempt to stop smoking. A smoking cessation advisor can give you knowledge and ideas, help and support in your quit attempt. We all know that stopping smoking is difficult, why not let someone give you some friendly help. This is a free service supported by the government, we want our patients and their families to be happy and healthy.

There are many approaches to stopping smoking, but the key ingredient is that YOU want to. Success will be far more likely if you do.

Case Study

Mrs M has been smoking for over 20 years, almost 20 cigarettes every day. It has been highlighted to her that her dental and overall health could be greatly improved if she was to stop smoking. Mrs M really wanted to stop smoking for other reasons as well and decided SHE was ready to give it a go. Good luck Mrs M, you have our full support.

Patient Concerns

  • What if I fail?

  • What if I have withdrawal symptoms?

  • Will my dental health definitely improve?

  • Will I feel better?

  • I am concerned I may put on weight

  • Will I receive help and support with my quit attempt?

Treatment Plan

  • Discuss reasons for wanting to stop smoking and establish that the patient is ready to stop.

  • Set a date with the patient (avoiding any upcoming stressful time if possible) to stop smoking

  • Discuss with patient whether they require any help with their quit attempt ie.

    • nicotine replacement therapy
    • Bupropion (Zyban)
    • Champix
    • Group support sessions from NHS smoking cessation clinics
    • Will power alone
    • Discuss possible withdrawal symptoms and how to deal with each stage of the symptom.

    • Reassure that stopping smoking will have an overall positive effect longterm on the patient's well being and all who are in close proximity, ie. their children.

    • Also reassure that this is a quit attempt, some people do need another chance and may relapse. This is normal and common.

    • Establish a slight change of routine with the patient to part remove habitual smoking


    1. Patient has set date, been provided with aids to stop smoking of choice.

    2. Patient is provided with details of local "stop smoking" service support centre and also advised she can contact us if she needs any further assistance.

    3. Patients oral health has been logged at the start of the quit smoking attempt to use as a comparison in later months.

    4. 3 weeks into quit attempt, Mrs M attends a routine visit. She is pleased to announce that she is doing incredibly well. She reports that she did go through a few withdrawal symptoms but has dealt with each very well. On examination, her gum health has improved. Her appearance, colour of her skin is now pink as opposed to the grey colour which most smokers exhibit. She feels fit and well.


    Mrs M is pleased with the results she has achieved after ceasing smoking. She has better oral health, more energy, breathes easier and has more money in her pocket. Mrs M decided that as a reward, she would have her teeth whitened to remove the staining from all the previous smoking, and it only cost her the equivalent of 8 weeks money that she would have spent on cigarettes. Well done Mrs M.

    For further help contact the national helpline 0800 169 0169 or the local Burnley Smoking Cessation Group 01282 617002

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