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Closing gap between front teeth

What are tooth coloured composite fillings?

Composite resin is a name for one of the modern tooth coloured filling materials. Made of durable resin it can be bonded directly onto the tooth surface quickly and easily for a strong, natural looking repair.

Case Study

This young man had a gap between his two upper front teeth.

Patient Concerns

  • Unsightly gap between front teeth

  • Teeth appeared too "long"

Treatment Plan

  • Tooth coloured composite build-ups UR1, UL1 and UL2

  • Aesthetically shape UR1, UL1 and UL2


  1. No anaesthetic was required in this case

  2. Polishing discs were used to modify the shape of the 4 front teeth

  3. Multiple shades of composite resin were applied in layers to build teeth to perfect shape.

  4. Teeth polished to a high sheen


A fabulous, natural looking smile, achieved with minimal preparation of tooth surfaces.


Closing gap between front teeth


Closing gap between front teeth
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