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Upper arch rebuild

What is an upper arch rebuild?

This was an upper arch rebuild for aesthetic reasons using ceramic crowns, veneers and bridges. Porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are constructed off premises by a laboratory using accurate impressions of the prepared teeth. Skilled technicians then reproduce the layers of the teeth with porcelain, resulting in a natural looking restoration which is fitted by the dentist.

Case Study

This patient was concerned with the uneven and mismatched appearance of his upper arch.

Patient Concerns

  • Dark shade of teeth / crowns

  • Chipped UR1

  • Crooked and uneven upper teeth

Treatment Plan

  • Replace existing crowns with porcelain crowns and bridges

  • Provide veneers on remaining upper teeth


  1. Take xrays to assess health of teeth

  2. Provide temporary composite build-up to show what finished restorations will look like

  3. Preparation of teeth, impressions and provision of temporary crowns

  4. Fit the laboratory constructed crowns, bridges and veneers


A dazzling smile to be proud of


Upper arch rebuild


Upper arch rebuild
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