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Dental implant, veneer and gingival contouring

What are they?

Dental implants imitate natural teeth in their appearance and function. An artificial root comprising of a titanium screw is placed in the bone. A porcelain crown, bridge or a denture is then placed over this to provide a secure, functional and cosmetic result. This treatment can be combined with other cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers and remodelling of the gum line to achieve fantastic results.

Case Study

This lady had a crown at the front of her mouth which recently failed.

Patient Concerns

  • Filling gap UL1

  • Appearance of upper front teeth

  • Stability of future restorations

Treatment Plan

  • Fill gap UL1 with dental implant

  • Use gingival contouring to even out heights of front teeth

  • Provide veneer UR2 to coordinate with upper arch


  1. Optimise gingival health prior to implant treatment with visit to dental hygieinist

  2. Extract failed UL1 and provide temporary denture

  3. After a period of healing, place a dental implant

  4. Gingival contouring to even out appearance of tooth lengths

  5. Tooth whitening, then construct crown UL1 and veneer UR2 to match new lighter shade

  6. Adjust and realign the morphology of all upper incisors to idealise shapes and sizes

  7. Fit final crown and veneer


A beautiful and even smile achieved.


Dental implant, veneer and gingival contouring


Dental implant, veneer and gingival contouring
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