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Dental Implant and resin-retained bridge

What are they?

Dental implants are titanium posts which are screwed into the bone, acting as a secure root upon which to anchor a permanent restoration, imitating a natural tooth.

A resin-retained bridge serves to restore a space by utilising a neighbouring tooth as an anchor with only minimal damage. The bridge is held in place by small clasps / wings, cemented with tooth-coloured resin. This is an ideal option for bridging a gap with an adjacent tooth which is healthy and has had minimum previous restorations, or if an implant is not an option.

Case Study

This patient required treatment due to some failing restorations.

Patient Concerns

  • Potential gap due to failed bridge

  • Loose crown at UR2

Treatment Plan

  • Provide resin-retained bridge UR4, UR3

  • Replace failed UR2 with dental implant


  1. Take impressions for bridge. Laboratory constructed bridge fit 2 weeks later

  2. Place dental implant UR2

  3. Following healing period, restore dental implant with pressed ceramic crown


This lady now has a smile to be proud of with even and well-matched teeth, providing excellent function and aesthetics.


Dental Implant and resin-retained bridge


Dental Implant and resin-retained bridge
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