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Replacement crowns and orthodontics

What are they?

An excellent aesthetic result can be achieved by replacing older, mismatched and discoloured crowns with new all-porcelain crowns.

Case Study

This lady wanted to improve the appearance of her smile.

Patient Concerns

  • Irregular alignment of crowns / teeth

  • Unnatural appearance of existing restorations

Treatment Plan

  • Gingival contouring

  • Orthodontic alignment in lower arch

  • Replacement crowns / veneers in upper arch


  1. Gingivectomy to contour gum margins

  2. Bonding, adjusting and debonding of lower arch orthodontics

  3. Preparation of teeth UR3-UL3 for new crowns

  4. Fitting of laboratory constructed veneers UR4, UR4, UL4, UL5 and new all-porcelain crowns UR3-UL3


A dramatic change for the better in the appearance and function of this lady's teeth.


Replacement crowns and orthodontics


Replacement crowns and orthodontics
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