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Whitening, bridges and crowns

Case Study

This patient was referred to our practice for cosmetic treatment.

Patient Concerns

  • Uneven heights and shades of teeth

  • Large gap in dentition ULQ

  • Failing teeth

Treatment Plan

  • Root treat failing teeth

  • Bleaching

  • Replacement crowns in upper arch

  • 4-unit bridge ULQ


  1. Gingival surgery to balance gum margins

  2. Whitening trays (at-home bleaching system) provided

  3. After optimum shade reached, teeth prepared at UL1, UR2, UL4, UL8 and UR5 for crowns and bridge

  4. Laboratory constructed crowns and bridge fitted


A bright, white, even smile.


Whitening, bridges and crowns


Whitening, bridges and crowns
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