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Zoom teeth whitening

What is Zoom tooth whitening?

The Zoom in surgery whitening system with take home top up trays provides a fast and convenient result with the facility to continue whitening at home. Fantastic results are achieved after the 2 hour surgery session and these can be even further enhanced by the use of the Zoom day white / Zoom night white bleaching gel and your bespoke trays used at home .

How Does It Work?

The dentist takes impressions and provides custom trays for you at least three days before your Zoom appointment. Dependant on your dental history and sensitivity the dentist may recommend that you use desensitizing gel for three days prior to the Zoom session ? this will reduce the possibility of sensitivity.

Zoom in the dental surgery

During the in surgery procedure, a protective coating is painted around the gums to act as a barrier to the whitening gel. The light activated whitening gel is then painted on the teeth to be whitened, usually second premolar left to second premolar right on the upper and lower arches. A light is then placed over the teeth for fifteen minutes to enhance the whitening process. The gel is then washed off and the process repeated two or three more times.

After the Zoom procedure it is important not to smoke and also avoid consuming strongly coloured foods and drinks for approximately 24 hours as this can affect the final shade achieved.

Zoom at home

Once the surgery treatment has been completed you are advised to carry on whitening at home using the bespoke trays and Day White / Night White gels. Dependant on the gel type this only needs to be applied for approximately 1 hour a day or 30 minutes twice a day to lift your whitening and achieve the desired result.

Additional syringes can be purchased from reception if required.


This patient went from shade A3.5 down to B1 - a typical result for Zoom laser.


Zoom tooth whitening


Zoom tooth whitening
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