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Repairing broken tooth

What is a composite resin build up ?

Some of the more simple treatments at Standish Street Dental Practice can make a big difference to your smile. Composite resin is a name for one of modern tooth coloured filling materials. Made of durable resin it can be bonded directly onto the tooth surface quickly and easily for a strong, natural looking repair.

Case Study

This young lady had been hit in the teeth by a door, fracturing the two upper central incisors in the process.

Patient Concerns

  • Unsightly chips to front teeth
  • Any possible damage to the health of the teeth

Treatment Plan

  • Radiographs taken of upper right 1 to check vitality of nerve
  • Build up the fractured edges with composite resin


  1. Radiograph taken and confirmed no immediate worry about the vitality of the teeth.

  2. A rubber sheet known as a rubber dam was placed over the teeth. This increases comfort for the patient and allows the dentist to work in a dry environment.

  3. The teeth were then smoothed, composite was placed and cured with an ultra violet light gradually building up the broken edges until the desired shape and shade was achieved, at which point precision polishing completes the procedure


A fully restored natural looking repair with minimal preparation to the tooth surface needed.


Repairing broken tooth


Repairing broken tooth
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