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Gum Reshaping - Gingival Re-contouring

When considering improving your smile, we must first assess the factors affecting it:

  • Teeth
  • Lip position at rest and smiling
  • Gingival (gum) position

When all of the above are taken into consideration, we can work towards giving you the smile you desire. If the gums are not in harmonious positions, this will affect the symmetry of the teeth and your smile. With a simple surgical procedure we can re-contour the gums to produce a wonderfully aesthetic result you will be confident to share with others.

Case Study

The following patient presented to the practice unhappy with the appearance with her front teeth

Patient Concerns

  • Dark colouration of teeth
  • Abnormal shape of gums

Treatment Plan

  • Lighten all teeth using bespoke tray and gel kit
  • Re-contour the gums
  • Place crowns on the upper central incisors (front teeth)


  1. Take study models
  2. Demonstrate the finished look of the crowns using a wax model and demonstrate how to use the at home tooth whitening system which is to be used until the patient is happy with the shade
  3. Review the resulting shade of teeth and proceed with the gum re-contouring procedure
  4. Prepare central incisors for crowns
  5. Fit central incisor crowns


The teeth are whiter brighter and the gum line is balanced around the front teeth giving a more harmonious appearance.


Gum Reshaping - Gingival Re-contouring


Gum Reshaping - Gingival Re-contouring
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